*Introduction [#gf81c10e]
"M-FEP" series, FEP(Front End Processer) of Japanese for Symbian OS, is developed on this site and it opens to the public. Please use it if you want to do Japanese input directly on the Symbian OS device. In addition, please feed back in [[Forum DigiLife>http://digilife.bz/forum/]] when you use it and something is noticed.

However, it still takes time to the installation for the beta version now. And, &color(red){If you had trouble by application that has been opened to the public on this site, 'Mah' can't take the responsibility};. Please refer to "[[Terms Of Use]]" before downloading these.

*Page that can be edited [#c023d5b4]
Everyone can edit the page below from "Info of Symbian" in a left menu(not frozen).This site hopes to correct these information and to be added.

(Please contact Admin if you want to increase the category to the menu.)

*Short Cut [#w81f6853]
-DigiLife(Blog) is [[here>http://digilife.bz/blog]]. (Japanese)
-Forum DigiLife is [[here>http://digilife.bz/forum]].

*History [#e7c1321d]
-08/10/23:M-FEP3 acquired Symbian Signed 

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