After firing employees seeking protection, Bray wrote in an article on his personal blog goodbye Amazon: "I'm shocked that Amazon fired critics who spoke up in front of employees' concerns about covid 19.". Until last week, the vice president of AWS (whose last day of work was Friday) promised to stay in the position at Amazon, which would mean ace.Bray explained the case of Emily Cunningham and Marlene Costa, In mid April, the company fired two user experience designers to ensure that they "repeatedly" violated its internal policies when disclosing their differences with the company's operations. canningan and Costa have spoken to each other in the past few days C responseSeattle (Washington state, northwestern United States) compared with the coved 19 pandemic, and found that Amazon did not do enough to ensure the safety and health of its employees, especially the deliveryman and warehouse worker. except for the two female workers, The company has been accused of firing several other employees since the outbreak because they publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the measures taken, includingThe most striking was Chris smalles, who was fired after organizing a strike in a shop © Last Friday, May 1, Employees of Amazon and other US delivery companies held a temporary event to protest the safety measures of covid 19 and call for more protection. workers called for action, such as thorough cleaning of vehicles by professionals thatThey run coronavirus detection facilities and shut them down for 14 days. since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon's business has grown unprecedentedly, and governments around the world have issued restrictions and social isolation orders, This forced physical stores to close and eliminated most of the competition from digital platforms. in the US alone, the company has joined in the past few yearsIn response to growing demand, he offered 100000 new employees a few weeks and announced the recruitment of another 75000.

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