The banner of excellence is expanding in quality and coverage. Therefore, instead of renting them out, this government has set up the banner of growth for the quality and coverage of educational informatics programs with great energy and determination. In this government, we have succeeded in making one out of every two Costa Rican children have real access to educational information technology, including 225000 children; During the same period, the number of schools that acquired laboratories and MAEs was increasedThe computer science curriculum of 384 schools increased by 244.58%, while the number of participating schools of 119 schools increased by 258%. however, simple digital growth is not enough © Rich laboratories, schools and students benefit; We know that we need to strive for excellence, and we are confident that during this administration, we have trained 25583 primary school teachers and teachers2968 times of secondary education were conducted in the fields of robot, micro environment and constructivism learning environment. An e-magazine with hundreds of Costa Rican students has been set up, and under the guidance of President Rodriguez, EduNet, a national education network, has been set up, which can access the global communication network. At present, 318 educational institutions are connected with each other. default. However, Costa ricansToday, we are hit by the arbitrary and irresponsible decision of the company that bought 6560 computers through UNESCO by the previous government, which today refused to provide them with contractual guarantees. To be sure, in the face of this groundless negative attitude and deteriorating equipment, hundreds of Costa Rican children and youth are today deprived of the government and the FODThey received high-quality computer education. but it's also true that we did our best to force the company to fully meet its obligations, even though we met other people along the way, Perplexing contradictions and inexplicably slow and indifferent serious obstacles © On behalf of UNESCO, we are obliged to abide by the precise instructions it has repeatedly issued to it in this negotiation.The government of the Republic to ensure that the margin it holds is in force so that we can immediately repair the damaged equipment, It will handle international litigation and enable us to take responsibility for the company because the arrogance and arbitrariness of hundreds of Costa Rican students today unfairly deprived them of their right to excellent computer education. it has been proved. Disrespect for the truthAndo and its subordinates claimed that the hardware damage of the device was caused by the simple migration from Windows 95 operating system to Windows NT; This was also confirmed by a multi-party committee that conducted the study in December 1998, and by the certification of Microsoft international, which has conducted 80 million such migrations around the world. Truth is not respected when the company and its followers want to force an interpretation of the Bible.According to the contract specifications, the company has no choice but to immediately carry out maintenance and repair on the equipment, otherwise, the company will not be able to carry out maintenance and repair on the equipment, UNESCO must provide us with the performance guarantee without delay and without ambiguity, which will be irreversible in the next 96 hours.I have made that clear © Especially in my letter to the director general of UNESCO. Our responsibilities have been seriously fulfilled, our efforts have never been weakened, and our banner of excellence and fairness in education is angry and challenging.

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