Bill Gates predicts that the world will face a new epidemic every time Bill Gates Speaks, his statement will become news. Although it is not directly related to the healthcare industry, when it comes to covid 19 © Microsoft's co founders warned at a meeting in 2015 that there could be a similar health crisisWe are now living with human resources. in addition, since the beginning of the hubris epidemic, it has passed through © The reason he predicted in 2015 was that he was funding a project on © The Ball. However, this issue has attracted so much attention that it is even part of conspiracy theories, which accuse him of funding the development of the virus. now the entrepreneurHe issued a new warning: we are not far from a new health emergency. adopt © In a podcast with actress Rashida Jones, gates pledged that humanity will face a new epidemic in the near future. The good news is that, from their point of view, their impact will be "less disruptive." in their podcast, they invited Anthony fudge, a leading American epidemiologist, to join them © "With Sue"We're going to face that in 20 years." But we have to assume that this could happen in three years, "he added. however, in Gates' view, the impact of a new epidemic will be" less devastating "because humans have learned from their mistakes, our testing tools will be better," we won't be so stupid the second time. ", He said. we've practiced disease games, just like war games, and almost every country respondsIt will fluctuate like South Korea or Australia, where they will soon be tested and isolated; "Our testing tools will be much better," the entrepreneur said. "We won't be so stupid the second time." Yes © It's hard to imagine when new cases appear around the world, but one day the coved 19 pandemic will pass. I think it's certain that society will change for them.Considering how destructive the virus is to almost every aspect of our lives, "he explained. in addition to imagining a new crisis, we must first end the current crisis. Gates believes that the crisis will last until 2022, although it will improve before that year." If the vaccine is effective, even at 60% of the vaccination level, we will prevent the exponential spread of the disease. Next year, we will stop the death toll, and by 2022, the pandemic will be over.Ariel. " Gates made another prediction in September 2020, which is true: the first vaccine approved will be Pfizer's." if all goes well, the only vaccine that can apply for an emergency use license by the end of October will be Pfizer. " Ariel © Utica has carried out various tests and ensured that its vaccine is as effective as 95%. Therefore, according to the telegraph, the UK may approve regu.Later this week, even before America, Microsoft's co-founder said © N has high hopes for vaccines such as AstraZeneca, Johnson and novavas that have not yet made headlines. "almost all vaccines work, and they are very efficient. "I'm optimistic that everything will be very effective and safe by February," Gates told CNN on SundayIt's also sealed © "We should be very worried about the next six months." In his view, more than 2000 people will die from the virus every day for most of the winter. Finally, he said, "try not to make your family the last victims of this epidemic. They have to be ready to live until the spring, when the vaccine really starts to decline. "

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