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[[Test Criteria/2.11.0/5/Generic Test Casesに戻る>Test Criteria/2.11.0/5/Generic Test Cases]]
*5.1:Packaging and Installation(パッケージとインストールに関するテスト) [#w8e63541]
**PKG-01 [#r2f9a80d]
|Test Title|ACS Publisher ID|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#id3da243]
SISファイルは有効なACSパブリッシャーIDを署名される。もしSISファイルに埋め込まれているなら、これらは事前にSymbian Signedされたに違いありません。
&color(gray){The .SIS file has been signed with a valid ACS Publisher ID. If using an embedded .SIS file, these must have been previously Symbian Signed.};

***Testing Step [#y3b927d2]
+TOOL7を使用してSISファイルを確認する &color(gray){Use TOOL7 to validate the .SIS file};

***Expected Result [#a7bf823e]
&color(gray){The tool indicates the .SIS file has been signed with a valid ACS Publisher ID.};

&color(gray){Note: If this first test fails, you will be notified and no further tests will be run on that submission.};

有効な要求が署名されたSISファイルも注意 - 電話によっては、署名されていないSISファイルを含んだ署名されたSISファイルはインストール時に警告かインストールの失敗のどちらかをを引き起こします。
&color(gray){Also note that embedded .SIS files being signed is a practical requirement - a signed .SIS file which contains unsigned embedded .SIS files can cause either installation warnings or failed installations, depending on the phone in question.};

***Exceptions [#rc1b6791]

**PKG-02 [#v39cd690]
|Test Title|Installation and Startup|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#gf101d48]
&color(gray){The .SIS file installs and operates in accordance with user manual and standard application use expectations. The application starts up in a reasonable time period (normally considered to be 5 seconds) or provides an appropriate indication of its launch progress.};

***Testing Step [#b8fdce7a]
+SISファイルをインストールします &color(gray){Install the .SIS file};
+アプリケーションを起動します &color(gray){Start the application};
+アプリケーション/コンテンツを通常の手順に従って使用します &color(gray){Use the application/content as per normal use};
+アプリケーション/コンテンツを終了します &color(gray){Exit the application/content};

***Expected Result [#w50a02e8]
&color(gray){The .SIS file installs and operates in accordance with functional specification.};

&color(gray){The application starts up in a reasonable time period (5 seconds) or provides appropriate progress indication.};

***Exceptions [#ab8adb79]
-EX-PC - Passive Content

**PKG-03 [#wae7e255]
|Test Title|File Creation Location|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#u38ea2dc]
&color(gray){The application only creates files on the drive it was installed to, except where the user has explicitly requested or been given the option to select otherwise.};

***Testing Step [#r420cc11]
+アプリケーションをインストールします &color(gray){Install the Application};
+TOOL1を使用して全てのファイルの保存場所を確認します &color(gray){Use TOOL1 to check the location of all files};

***Expected Result [#lec31180]
+インストールされたファイルはアプリケーションとして同じディスクドライブ内に全て見つけることが出来ます。 &color(gray){Installed files are all located on the same disk drive as the application};
+ &color(gray){If data is stored on a different drive the user is prompted for approval prior to action being carried out};
 &color(gray){Under no circumstances should unbounded content (e.g. cached pages, log files) be stored on C: drive by default or without user permission};

***Exceptions [#n8033c24]
-EX-006 - Small Files for Maintaining Configuration and Settings Information, or which the System creates

**PKG-04 [#r8513faa]
|Test Title|Uninstall|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#q6792c22]
&color(gray){Uninstall removes all files originally installed with the application, and any files that are created or downloaded by the application while it is running.};

***Testing Step [#w06c8f67]
+アプリケーションをインストールします &color(gray){Uninstall the application};
+ストレージの空き容量がインストール前と同じかどうかを確認します &color(gray){Check the amount of free storage memory is the same as when started};
+TOOL1を使用して全てのファイルが削除されたか確認します &color(gray){Use TOOL1 to check that all files are removed};

***Expected Result [#qe5824b4]
+アプリケーションは正しくアンインストールされます &color(gray){Application uninstalls correctly};
+もしアイコンが存在していた場合は削除されます &color(gray){If icon was present it is removed};

***Exceptions [#xfe2b3e9]
-EX-003 - User Created Files
-EX-006 - Small Files For Maintaining Configuration and Settings Information
-EX-009 - Font File Installation
-EX-010 - Known Installer Defects

***Best Practice Notes (pre-v9) [#b0c27faf]
&color(gray){Unless they include license or other data you wish to persist between installations, do not forget to remove .INI files which are automatically created in !:\System\Apps\AppName\ by adding the following to your PKG file:};

	;Files to remove on uninstallation(非インストールファイル)

***Best Practice Notes (v9 onwards) [#a1d939b9]
あなたは上記と同様の忠告に従うべきですが、Symbian OS v9以降では、あなたのINIファイルは代わりに「!:\Private\<application UID3/SID>\」に作成されます。アプリケーションに属したアプリケーションUIDを正確に指定し、INIファイルを確実に削除してください。
&color(gray){You should follow similar advice to the above, but note that in Symbian OS v9 onwards, your .INI file is created in !:\Private\<application UID3/SID>\ instead. To remove the application .ini file ensure that the application UID is correctly set and belongs to the application.};

	;Files to remove on uninstallation(非インストールファイル)
	""-"!:\private\<application UID3/SID>\AppName.ini",FN

**PKG-05 [#y9258f51]
|Test Title|Installation to all Memory Locations|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#t90c3c09]
&color(gray){Application can be installed to all available media drives. Removal of external media does not leave orphaned files on the internal drive or affect the device operation.};

***Testing Step [#ic085d59]
アプリケーションを仕様として許容される異なったマスメモリストレージの場所(例えばメモリカード)へ、全てが試されるまでテストケースID PKG-02のインストール/アンインストールを繰り返します。
+&color(gray){Repeat install/uninstall test cases from Test ID PKG-02 except each time installing the application to a different mass memory storage location (e.g. memory card) as allowed in the functional specification, until all have been tried};

***Expected Result [#f13a31a9]
&color(gray){Application successfully installs, runs and uninstalls from all appropriate mass memory locations.};

***Exceptions [#y6794e91]
-EX-002 - Installation to all storage devices

**PKG-06 [#lf4ade9a]
|Test Title|Reinstall|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#mcd3ba1a]
&color(gray){Application can be reinstalled successfully after un-installation (including reinstallation to alternative external media).};

***Testing Step [#wf97a0a9]
+インストールとアンインストールを繰り返して再インストールします &color(gray){Reinstall the application after a previous install/uninstall cycle};
+アプリケーションを実行します &color(gray){Start the application};
+アプリケーションを使用します &color(gray){Use the application};
+アプリケーションを終了します &color(gray){Exit the application};

***Expected Result [#i3c3b85f]
&color(gray){The application continues to run in accordance with application's functional specification.};

***Exceptions [#y2941fd6]

**PKG-07 [#h4f9c2a5]
|Test Title|UID and Device ID|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Analysis|

***Full Description [#lcbf1655]
&color(gray){UID/VID and platform compatibility information are appropriate for the target device.};

***Testing Step [#i23f4d6d]
+TOOL6を使ってPKGファイルを開きます &color(gray){Open the PKG file with TOOL6};
+アプリケーションUIDを確認します &color(gray){Check the application UID string};
+デバイス/プラットフォームUIDを確認します &color(gray){Check the device/platform UID string};
+VIDを確認します(もし適切なら、すなわち文字列が存在し、SISファイルはSymbian OS v9以降のものです) &color(gray){Check the VID string (if applicable . i.e. string is present and .SIS file is for Symbian OS v9 or later)};
+TOOL6を終了します &color(gray){Close TOOL6};

***Expected Result [#m05b9eef]
1.アプリケーションUIDはテストUID範囲内(0x01000000 to 0x0FFFFFFF)ではありません &color(gray){Application UID is NOT in the Test UID range (0x01000000 to 0x0FFFFFFF)};

2.デバイス/プラットホームUIDは対象UIのデバイスの仕様に従って合わせます。 &color(gray){Device/platform UID matches the target UI on the device as per the functional specification};
<&color(red){Symbian OS v9 onwards only};(Symbian OS v9以降のみ)>
3.提出者によって所有される、正しい専用の範囲アプリケーションUID(それと存在するならVID)であることを確実にして下さい。 &color(gray){Ensure the application's UID (and VID if present) is owned by the submitter and from the correct dedicated range:};
	UID = 0x20000000 - 0x2FFFFFFF
	VID = 0x70000000 - 0x7FFFFFFF
	VID = 0

4.パッケージはCentral Repository(すなわちUIDはSymbianで所有される0x10202BE9)へのアップデートであることを確認します。そうだとすれば、追加チェックとしてSISファイルのコンテンツとPKGファイルを作らなければなりません。 &color(gray){Check whether the package is an update to the Central Repository (i.e. the UID is specified as the Symbian-owned 0x10202BE9). If so, additional checks must be made on the PKG file and the contents of the .SIS file.};
-もしパッケージがどんなバイナリも含んでいなければ、それは署名されないかもしれません。 &color(gray){If the package contains any binaries, it may not be signed.};
-パッケージは正当な保護範囲のUIDである12345678を含む「12345678.cre」や「12345678.txt」といった書式の名前を付けられたTXTファイルやCREファイルを含むでしょう。これらのUIDはパッケージを提出する開発者によって確かめられるでしょう。これら全ての条件を満たすパッケージにのみ署名されます。 &color(gray){The package should contain .txt AND/OR .cre file(s) which are named in the format '12345678.cre' and/or '12345678.txt'  where 12345678 is a valid protected range UID. These UIDs should be verified as belonging to the developer submitting the package. Only if all these conditions are met can the package be signed.};

5.パッケージがC32(すなわちUIDはSymbianで所有される0x101f7989として指定されます)のアップデートであるかをチェックします。そうだとすればパッケージはESKファイルとアプリケーションの目的の説明文を含むでしょう。パッケージはESKの中で参照される全てのPRT DLLを含まなければなりません。IPをフックしたESKの名前は<prt name>をPRT DLLと同じ名前とした「ip.<prt name>.esk」となるでしょう。もしそうでなければ、「<thread name>.<prt name>.esk」となります。パッケージは複数のPRT DLLを含むかもしれません。その場合はESKファイルの名前が異なるでしょう。もしPRT DLLがアンインストールされると、対応するESKファイルは削除しなければなりません。 &color(gray){Check whether the package is an update to the C32 (i.e. the UID is specified as the Symbian-owned 0x101f7989). If so, the package should contain an .ESK file and an explanation should be provided for the purpose of this with the application. The package must also contain all PRT DLLs referenced in the .ESK file. The name of the ESK file for an IP hook should be "ip.<prt name>.esk", where <prt name> is the same as the name of the PRT DLL, otherwise it should be <thread name>.<prt name>.esk. The package may contain multiple PRT DLLs, in which case the naming of the ESK file may vary. If a PRT DLL is uninstalled, the corresponding ESK file must also be removed.};

***Exceptions [#qab4a09e]
-EX-004 - Backward Compatible Platform UID
-EX-007 - UID for publisher signers
-EX-008 - UIDs for language variants

**PKG-08 [#s7e51ce8]
|Test Title|SIS File Version Information|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Analysis|

***Full Description [#ib283bc4]
&color(gray){SIS file includes correct version information which corresponds to application 'About' box and/or supporting documentation.};

***Testing Step [#z7758842]
+PKGファイルをTOOL6を使用して開きます &color(gray){Open the PKG file with TOOL6};
+バージョン情報を調べます &color(gray){Check the version information};
+TOOL6を閉じます &color(gray){Close TOOL6};

***Expected Result [#f8a7a978]
&color(gray){The version numbering is consistent throughout.};

***Exceptions [#ha2f7506]

***Best Practice Notes [#w602218a]
&color(gray){Developers should ensure the version information specified in their PKG file is exactly what they intend . specifically, double-check the minor version number section is as it should be. As a guideline, always specify two digits for your minor version to avoid confusion. For example:};
+1,10,7 = v1.10 (build/revision number 7)
+1,1,7 = v1.01 (build/revision number 7) - i.e. this is not the equivalent to (1) above(つまり、これは1と同等です)
+1,01,7 = v1.01 (build/revision number 7) - i.e. this is equivalent to (2) above'(つまり、これは2と同等です)

&color(gray){The version information in your PKG file should match that of your 'About' box and documentation.};

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[[Test Criteria/2.11.0/5/Generic Test Casesに戻る>Test Criteria/2.11.0/5/Generic Test Cases]]

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