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*5.2:General Usage Tests(一般的な使用テスト) [#a7a50a42]
**GEN-01 [#vbd06e78]
|Test Title|System Features and OS Friendly|
|Test Coverage|Sample|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#l8227ed2]
&color(gray){The application does not affect the use of the system features or other applications.};

***Testing Step [#pb5d3d09]
+アプリケーションを起動します &color(gray){Start application};
+アプリケーションの仕様に従って使用します &color(gray){Use the application as per the functional specification};
+テストしてアプリケーションをシステムアプリケーションと主なもの(例えば、電話、カレンダー、時計、電話帳)と切り替えて使用してください。 &color(gray){Whilst using the application under test also switch and use main system applications and features (e.g. Phone, Calendar, Clock, Contacts)};
+アプリケーションがフォアグランドで実行している間にシステムロックを実行してください &color(gray){Whilst the application is running in the foreground proceed to activate the system lock};

***Expected Result [#xf4a5629]
&color(gray){The application allows other applications access to sufficient OS resources to run. The application does not inappropriately control thread priority or switch/steal focus and releases resources when not in use as appropriate. The application must not override the system lock. The application must not invalidate basic Type Approval of the phone, i.e. it must always be possible to make an Emergency Call.};

***Exceptions [#pf403701]
-EX-PC - Passive Content

**GEN-02 [#we149864]
|Test Title|Stress Test|
|Test Coverage|Sample|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#of465d9e]
&color(gray){Can handle exceptional, illegal, or erroneous actions. Does not cause phone to crash or freeze and exits gracefully from any application exceptions likely to crash.};

***Testing Step [#xc2b1532]
+&color(gray){Spend approximately 15 minutes applying stressful scenarios to the device whilst using application as per specification.};

例えば &color(gray){For example:};
-アプリケーションをすばやく切り替えます &color(gray){Switching rapidly between applications};
-同時に多くのアプリケーションを使用します &color(gray){Opening and using many applications simultaneously};
-アプリケーション実行中にカメラアプリケーションを起動し、写真を撮ります &color(gray){Launch the camera application and take a picture whilst the application is running};
-多くのイベントが発生するようにアプリケーション中でキーを連打します &color(gray){Pressing keys rapidly in the application to sent it many events at once};
-不適切なデータをアプリケーションに入力します &color(gray){Entering inappropriate data into the application};
--特殊記号 &color(gray){Special characters};
--空白なフィールド状態 &color(gray){Leaving input fields blank};
--可能な最大文字数を入力 &color(gray){Entering strings of maximum length (where possible)};
-メモリカードを取り外します &color(gray){Removing memory cards};

***Expected Result [#h934a359]
&color(gray){Can handle exceptional, illegal, or erroneous actions. Does not cause the phone to crash, freeze or become unusable. Application exits gracefully (i.e. with appropriate error message not system panics) from unrecoverable exceptions and can be restarted correctly.};

***Exceptions [#s1d0d461]
-EX-PC - Passive Content

**GEN-03 [#ff9acb85]
|Test Title|Scalable UI Compliance - &color(red){Symbian OS v9 onwards only}|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#e2a355d8]
&color(gray){The application should function and render its display as specified, regardless of the device screen resolution and format.};

***Testing Step [#z706aedb]
+以下の特徴のディスプレイを持つデバイスにSISファイルをインストールします &color(gray){Install the .SIS file with devices that display the following characteristics:};
++Appendix CにあるUIの仕様情報を参照して下さい &color(gray){+Please refer to Appendix C for UI specific information};
+アプリケーションを実行します &color(gray){Start the application};
+アプリケーション/コンテンツを通常の操作で使用します &color(gray){Use the application/content as per normal use};

***Expected Result [#g3307d57]
&color(gray){The .SIS file installs and operates in accordance with functional specification.};

&color(gray){The application renders correctly and uses the display area to its full extent. All menu controls are fully visible.};

[For S60 devices]
&color(gray){The application responds to orientation switch events appropriately, adjusting its display accordingly and continues to operate normally.};
-If a flip is present(フリップが存在する場合):
On opening and closing the flip the application adjusts accordingly between portrait and landscape orientation.

[For UIQ devices]
&color(gray){The application responds to orientation switch events appropriately, adjusting its display accordingly.};
-If a flip is present(フリップが存在する場合):
&color(gray){On opening the flip, the application adjusts its display accordingly and continues to operate normally. On closing the flip, the application returns to the system default view.};

***Exceptions [#na481feb]
-EX-PC - Passive Content

**GEN-04 [#c9cae34c]
|Test Title|SIP session establishment|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#l678d23b]
&color(gray){The application should establish a connection when requested.};

***Testing Step [#l4ad01f0]
+ユーザーAがユーザーBにSIPセッションを要求します &color(gray){User A invites user B to a SIP session.};
+ユーザーBは要求を許可します &color(gray){User B accepts the invitation.};

***Expected Result [#v0f03414]
&color(gray){User B receives a request to launch the application. The application (User B) starts and a session is established.};

***Exceptions [#ldc13a76]
-EX-NT - Not Testable, functionality not present
-EX-PC - Passive Content

[[Test Criteria/5/Generic Test Casesに戻る>Test Criteria/5/Generic Test Cases]]

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