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*5.3:Memory Usage(メモリ使用) [#m19ecd8a]
*5.3:Memory Usage(メモリ周りに関するテスト) [#m19ecd8a]
**MEM-01 [#a10770c6]
|Test Title|Low Memory Startup|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#da31a0c0]
&color(gray){Application gracefully handles low memory situations during startup as per the TOOL2 User Guide. When exiting due to low memory, the application displays appropriate error messages.};

***Testing Step [#m4f3b6f5]
+メモリが少ない状況をシミュレートする為にTOOL2を実行します &color(gray){Run TOOL2 to simulate low memory situation};
+アプリケーションを実行し、仕様に従って使用します &color(gray){Start application and use in accordance with functional specification};
+TOOL2を終了します &color(gray){Exit TOOL2};

***Expected Result [#u18eac3a]
&color(gray){The application displays appropriate warning messages if it is unable to start during low memory conditions.};

&color(gray){PASS if the TOOL2 application reports a failure rate of no more than 10% errors (or qualifies for exemption as per the process outlined in the TOOL2 User Guide); otherwise, fail the application.};

<&color(red){Symbian OS v9 onwards only};>
TOOL2はSymbian OS v9用のものが入手できません。Symbianがこのツールかもしくは同等のものを用意するまで、このテストは自動的に放棄されるべきです。
&color(gray){TOOL2 is currently unavailable for Symbian OS v9. Until such time as Symbian makes this tool or an equivalent available, this test should be waived automatically.};

***Exceptions [#s2f0a848]
-EX-PC - Passive Content
-EX-VM - Virtual Machines

**MEM-02 [#t5a4675f]
|Test Title|Low Storage Memory During Execution|
|Test Coverage|Full|
|Test Type|Black box|

***Full Description [#jf8eadb3]
&color(gray){The application does not fill all the storage space of the device. If there is not enough storage space to run, the application indicates this to the user and exits gracefully.};

***Testing Step [#r537878c]
+アプリケーションを実行します &color(gray){Start application};
+TOOL3を実行してストレージ容量が少ない状況をシミュレートします &color(gray){Start TOOL3 to simulate low storage memory situation};
+アプリケーションを仕様に従って使用します &color(gray){Use application as per functional specification};
+TOOL3を終了します &color(gray){Exit TOOL3};

***Expected Result [#q35a3f55]
&color(gray){The application either runs successfully or provides appropriate warning messages to the user to explain why it cannot run.};

***Exceptions [#pca30c9a]
-EX-PC - Passive Content 
-EX-VM - Virtual Machines

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