*目次 [#g6249fe0]
[[Test Criteriaに戻る>Test Criteria]]
*原文 [#y1a6c9fe]

*1:Overview(概要) [#x295ea60]
このドキュメントの目的はアプリケーションが効率よくSymbian Signedを取得する為のテストケースを定義することです。このドキュメントはAPIのアクセスにケイパビリティが必要となる規格を含む、ランタイムプラットフォームセキュリティモデルを高めたSymbian OS v9をサポートするためにアップデートされました。すなわち、このドキュメントはSymbian Signedにサポートされた全てのバージョンのSymbian OSの全ての開発者によって使用されるべきです。
&color(gray){The purpose of this document is to define the test cases that an application must successfully pass in order to become Symbian Signed. This document has been updated to support the introduction of the enhanced runtime platform security model introduced from Symbian OS v9,including regulating API access using capabilities. i.e. this document should be used by all developers, for all versions of Symbian OS supported by Symbian Signed.};
*目次 [#g6249fe0]

Symbian Signedに関する詳しい情報はhttp://www.symbiansigned.comの大規模なFAQリストを参照して下さい。
&color(gray){For more information on Symbian Signed please refer to the extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at www.symbiansigned.com.};

このドキュメントのSymbian Signed テストアウトラインは以下の利害関係者の為に一定のベースラインを満たし安定したアプリケーションが供給されることをを目指します。
&color(gray){The Symbian Signed tests outlined in this document aim to provide an agreed baseline for application stability, for the following stakeholders:};
-Mobile Network Operators(モバイルネットワークオペレーター):そのアプリケーションは接続するネットワークに害を及ぼしません。&color(gray){that application does not harm the operation of the network to which it connects};
-Phone Manufacturers(電話製造メーカー):アプリケーションの実行前や実行中、実行後はインストールか、またはアンインストールされても、デバイスは通常、特に電話として、メッセージと警告操作を続ける。&color(gray){the device continues to operate normally, specifically as a phone, messaging and alerting platform; before, during and after an application is installed or removed};
-End Users(エンドユーザー):請求や通信、ユーザデータプライバシーとデータ損失に対する保護に対する対策の通知。&color(gray){notification of usage charges/communications, provision for user data privacy and protection against data loss.};

*1:Introduction(導入) [#xfb2ebe3]
&color(gray){This document defines the test cases that an application must comply with to be};
-Express Signed
-Certified Signed

&color(gray){This document should be used as best practice guidance for all developers and can be used as the final check list for tests to be passed for developers seeking to have their applications signed. It is recommended these test cases be included as part of any testing and/or quality assurance you do on an application irrespective of you’re the signing path prior release};

*2:Revision History(更新履歴) [#l49689f8]
&color(gray){The tests outlined in this document have evolved since the launch of Symbian Signed in 2004, they aim to provide an agreed baseline for application stability for the following stakeholders};:
:Developers|&color(gray){desire a uniform and consistent approach to testing and certification, and wish to test once and deploy an application globally.};
:Mobile Network Operators|&color(gray){who are concerned that applications do not harm the operation of the network(s) to which they may connect};
:Phone Manufacturers|&color(gray){who must ensure their device continues to operate normally, specifically as a fully specification compliant phone, messaging and alerting platform; before, during and after an application is installed or removed};
:End Users|&color(gray){who desire a positive, trust-worthy experience, especially with regard to notification of expected usage, provision for user data privacy and protection against data loss.};

&color(gray){The Symbian Signed Test Criteria is designed to be effective yet light weight; hence it is not intended to cover the following areas:};
-&color(gray){Universal device coverage; i.e. applications are tested on representative devices, not all possible device choices.};
-&color(gray){Content quality; e.g. style, taste, color or content appropriateness.};
-&color(gray){User interface standards conformance and style guides.};
-&color(gray){Business and/or commercial issues};

*3:Test Definitions(テストの定義) [#o65a9e85]
**3.1:Test Coverage(テスト適応範囲) [#w8a59477]
:Full testing(フルテスト)|全ての使用ケースに対する完全なテストを実行して確かめます。
&color(gray){A complete test of all possible use cases shall be executed and verified};
:Sampled testing(サンプルテスト)|全ての使用ケースのうち、明らかになっている(完全でない)一部分を実行して確かめます。
&color(gray){A demonstrable (non-exhaustive) subset of all possible use cases shall be executed and verified};
:Phone Manufacturer Approval(電話製造メーカーの承認)|Symbian OSデバイスメーカーが関連する正式な承認にはケイパビリティの要求が必要です。詳しい情報についてはSymbian Signedのウェブサイトを見てください。
&color(gray){Formal approval by relevant Symbian OS Device Manufacturer required due to the nature of capability being requested.Please see the Symbian Signed website for more information.};

**3.2:Test Type(テストタイプ) [#sb90811c]
:Black box test(ブラックボックステスト)|実機上の入力結果を確認することでテストは実行されます。
&color(gray){Test can be executed and verified on a standard device by providing inputs and checking outputs};
&color(gray){Test is carried out by manual inspection, e.g., inspecting .PKG file for UID string};
&color(gray){Must be part of a declaration of conformance when submitting for signing and certification.};
*2:Useful Links and Tools(役に立つリンクとツール) [#u75d18fe]
**2.1:Recommended Reading(お勧めの読み物) [#ra4b1951]
-Web: [[Symbian Signed Web Site>http://www.symbiansigned.com]]
-Web: [[Symbian Signed Wiki>http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/display/sign/Symbian+Signed]]
-Forums: [[Symbian Signed Support Forum>http://developer.symbian.com/forum/forum.jspa?forumID=2]]
-Free Guide: [[Complete Guide to Symbian Signed>http://developer.symbian.com/main/learning/press/books/pdf/large_symbian_signed.pdf]]
-Book: Symbian OS Platform Security: [[Software Development Using the Symbian OS Security Architecture, by Craig Heath>http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/display/academy/Symbian+OS+Platform+Security]]
-Book: The Symbian OS Architecture Sourcebook: [[Design and Evolution of a Mobile Phone OS, by Ben Morris>http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/display/academy/The+Symbian+OS+Architecture+Sourcebook]]

**3.3 Out of Scope(テストの範囲外) [#f7fe4409]
&color(gray){These tests are not intended to cover the following areas:};
-Content quality and censorship issues(品質と検閲の問題)
-Standards conformance and style guides(規格の適応とスタイル)
-Business and/or commercial issues(商業的問題)
**2.2:Useful Tools(役に立つツール) [#mf11381b]
-&color(gray){It is recommended that developers use or create utilities listed below,};
|''Useful Utilities''||
|''<Disk Usage Tool>''|&color(gray){List files, total disk usage and allows a before/after comparison (e.g. via a DIFF on file lists)};|
|''<Task Profiler Tool>''|&color(gray){Any kind of application profiler/task list (required only for UIQ)};|
|''<LowMem Tool>''|&color(gray){LowMem Tool for memory load/stress testing Not currently available for Symbian OS v9.x. - any tests for applications on Symbian OS v9.x requiring this tool are not required};|
|''<VerifySymbianSigned Tool>''|&color(gray){Verifies that a SIS file is signed correctly with your Publisher ID.};|

&color(gray){Download links for some existing tools can be found at [[here>http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/display/sign/Tools+For+Symbian+Signed]]};

&color(gray){In addition, the following additional hardware and software is required for to carry out all of the tests effectively};:
|''Required additional Hardware/Software''|
|&color(gray){A text editor on your development machine (e.g. Desktop PC).};|
|&color(gray){Secondary phone with an ability to call and SMS/MMS the phone under test};|
|&color(gray){Any external media which may be required by the application};|
|&color(gray){Media for mass memory devices};|
|&color(gray){PC connectivity suite and appropriate connection hardware, or any other mechanism to install the applicatio};|

*4:Test Cases - introduction(テストケース-序論) [#z0f64b13]
&color(gray){The Test Cases are divided in to two sections};
-Generic Test Cases(汎用テストケース)
-Extended Set Capability Test Cases(拡張セットケイパビリティ)

Generic Test CasesはどんなバージョンSymbian OSでも動作する、全てのSymbian OSアプリケーションに必要なテストをカバーします。Symbian OS v9以降からは、これらのテストケースは「ベーシックセット」と呼ばれるケイパビリティにアクセスする為に必要なテストを含みます。Symbian OS v9(更にそれ以降)とそれ以前のリリースの挙動とテストのいくつかの違いは明示されます。
&color(gray){The Generic Test Cases cover the tests required for all Symbian OS applications, running on any version of Symbian OS. From Symbian OS v9 onwards, these test cases include the tests required to obtain access to the so-called 'Basic Set' of capabilities. Where there are any differences between behavior or testing on Symbian OS v9 (and later) and earlier releases, these are clearly indicated.};

Extended Set Capability Test CasesはシンビアンOS v9以降だけに適用します。 能力とそれらが関連するシンビアンOSの機能性に関してさらに学ぶには、http://www.symbiansigned.comを参照してください。
&color(gray){The Extended Set Capability Test Cases apply only to Symbian OS v9 and later. To learn more about capabilities and the Symbian OS functionality they relate to, please visit www.symbiansigned.com.};

&color(gray){In both sections, the test cases have been formatted as a "check list" type guide to assist developers and test organizations in pre-testing their application prior to submission for testing and signing.};
*3:What Tests do I Need to Run?(テストの為に何が必要か?) [#h12d1aa1]
&color(gray){For the purposes of Symbian Signed Test Criteria, test cases are grouped into functionally distinct categories};:-
:Universal Tests (UNI-nn)|&color(gray){focusing on install, uninstall, reliability, robustness and normal operational behavior in accordance with mobile phone end user expectations.};
:Capability Related Tests (CAP-nn)|&color(gray){are additional tests that need to be passed by applications using certain specific capabilities only. The applicability of these tests is provided in each test case and is also summarized in Table 1.};

**4.1:Prerequisites(前提条件) [#u8ec0436]
全ての開発者がSymbian Signedのサイトから無料の「AppTest Lite」をテスト用アプリケーションとして与えられます。これはあなたのハンドセット上であなたのアプリケーションに対して、このドキュメントでの評価基準に対応したテストを自動的に実行します。事前にSymbian Signedのテスト過程を試し、確実にこれらのテストをクリアすることによって、あなたの再テストのリスクを最小にするでしょう。
&color(gray){All developers are advised to test their application with the free "AppTest Lite" tool from the Symbian Signed site. This runs on your own handset and subjects your application to automated testing corresponding to the criteria in this document. By ensuring you pass these tests before you try and use the Symbian Signed process itself, you will minimize the risk of your application failing and having to be re-tested.};
**3.1:Applications for pre Symbian OS v9.x(Symbian OS v9.0より前のアプリケーション) (S60 2nd Edition, UIQ 2.x) [#hb27dc10]
&color(gray){There is no technical requirement to sign applications for releases prior to Symbian OS v9.x (i.e. Symbian OS v6.x, v7.x, v8.x). However, signing via Express Signed or Certified Signed will remove the installer warning screen screen that is presented to the end user at installation.};

&color(gray){To assist with other testing, Symbian provide the utilities listed below in order to ease the process for developers. Download links to these tools can be found on the www.symbiansigned.com portal.};
**3.2:Applications for Symbian OS v9.x and later(Symbian OS v9.0とそれ以降のアプリケーション) (S60 3rd Edition, UIQ 3.x) [#b56ada95]
&color(gray){From Symbian OS v9.x onwards a Platform Security model was introduced to the operating system. Some OS functionality is protected by Capabilities.};
-&color(gray){Successful signing of applications via Express Signed will grant the Capabilities as requested by the application other than DiskAdmin, CommDD, MultimediaDD, NetworkControl, AllFiles, DRM, TCB.};
-&color(gray){Successful signing of applications via Certified Signed will grant the Capabilities as requested by the application other than AllFiles, DRM, TCB.};
-&color(gray){Signing of applications via Express Signed and Certified Signed will remove the installer warning screen at install time.};

|Utilities Required|
|TOOL1|Lists files, total disk space usage and allows a before/after comparison (e.g. via a DIFF on file lists)|
|TOOL2|Memory load/stress testing(メモリロードと負荷テスト)|
|TOOL3|File storage load/stress testing(ファイルのストレージロードと負荷テスト)|
|TOOL4|Symbian OS profiler/task list(Symbian OSタスクリスト)|
|TOOL5|Secondary phone with an ability to call and SMS/MMS the phone under test|
|TOOL6|A PC text editor(PCテキストエディタ)|
|TOOL8|AppTest Lite|
**3.3:Further Testing requirements for System Capabilities(システムケイパビリティの為に必要なテスト要件); AllFiles, DRM, TCB [#b56d1906]
&color(gray){If your application uses the most sensitive Capabilities; AllFiles, DRM, TCB you will be required to successfully comply with Symbian Signed Test Criteria.};

注意:上記のツールの全てがSymbian Signedから提供される訳ではありません。どのツールがSymbian Signedによって提供されているか(例えばTOOL2)、どのツールがサードパーティまたは他のソースから利用可能であるか(例えばTOOL6)、またどのツールが自分自身で用意できるか(例えばTOOL5)、をポータルサイトで確認して下さい。
&color(gray){Note: Not all of the above tools are provided directly by Symbian Signed. Please visit the portal to see which tools are currently provided by Symbian Signed (e.g. TOOL2), which tools are available from third parties or other sources (e.g. TOOL6), and which tools you should provide yourself (e.g. TOOL5).};
Additional testing and authorization for these Capabilities is defined by each device manufacturer and is outside the scope of the Symbian Signed Test Criteria. For more information
-Sony Ericsson:[[here>http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/global/gotomarket/certification/symbiancer/p_symbian.jsp]]
-LG: Contact directly.
-Motorola: Contact directly.
-Samsung: Contact directly.

|Hardware Required(必要なハードウェア)|
|Any external media which may be required by the application(アプリケーションで必要とする外部メディア)|
|Media for mass memory devices(マスメモリデバイスのためのメディア)|
|PC connectivity suite and appropriate connection hardware, or any other mechanism to install the application(PC Suitesと適切な接続可能なハードウェア、またはアプリケーションをインストールするための環境)|
**3.4:Exceptions(例外) [#y9f456c5]
&color(gray){Some types of application may require functionality that falls outside the scope of the tests. In these circumstances, valid exceptions are listed at the end of each test case.};

**4.2:Exceptions(例外) [#x5c99c17]
&color(gray){Although the test cases are meant to be universal, Symbian acknowledges there are reasonable and subtle deviations from certain test cases which are appropriate in specific situations. A list of pre-approved exceptions to the Test Cases is also included in this document.};
(表1:Table 1:Required Tests for Express Signed and Certified Signed)

**4.3:Some Recommended Best Practice Advice(いくつかの良いアドバイス) [#d60ffad1]
&color(gray){This short section introduces some recommendations from Symbian (and rationales) to resolve some common questions.};

***4.3.1:Binary File Name Clashes - Symbian OS v9(Symbian OS v9でのバイナリファイル名の衝突) [#x922edfe]
ここでの潜在的な問題は、以前のSymbian OSでは\System\Libs\に登録されていたので共有DLLは存在できました。しかしながらSymbian OS v9では現在、全てのバイナリ(.DLLも.EXEも)が\sys\bin\に存在します。したがって名前衝突が発生する可能性はかなり高いです。これは必ず避けて下さい。SISファイル内に一つでも他のUIDを持ちながらも同じ名前のファイル(すなわち他の誰かのアプリケーション)が同一の場所に存在するのであれば、ソフトウェアインストーラーはあなたのバイナリをインストールしないでしょう。
&color(gray){The potential problem here has always existed for shared .DLLs which resided in \System\Libs\ on earlier releases of Symbian OS. In Symbian OS v9, however, all binaries (.DLLs and .EXEs alike) now live in \sys\bin\ only. The potential for name-clashes is therefore greater. It is imperative that this is avoided . the software installer will not install your binary if one of the same name exists already but was put in place from a .SIS file with a different UID to your own (i.e. by someone else's application).};
*4:Submission Criteria(提出評価基準) [#ic4a21c2]
&color(gray){The following self checklist is provided for developers and should be carried out prior to submission. Please ensure that your application meets the Submission Criteria. Non compliance will be treated as follows};:-
:WARNING|&color(gray){Signing of the application is permitted, assuming all relevant test cases pass, although the developer is warned that this may cause further issues.};
:FAIL|&color(gray){The application will either fail during submission to www.symbiansigned.com or in some circumstances if a signed application is found to not comply at any stage after signing, the signature will be revoked.};

&color(gray){The Recommended Best Practice here is to simply name your binaries in the format MyBinaryName_UID.dll (or MyApplicationName_UID.exe). For example, your application may install the following two binaries: MySpecialEngine_0x12345678.dll and MySpecialApplication_0x12345677.dll};

***4.3.2:Stub .SIS files(スタブ .SISファイル) [#ra3c9ced]
スタブSISファイルはあなたのアプリケーションがインストールされると後に残されるファイルです。もしあなたのアプリケーションがデバイスのファームウェアに含まれるなら、あなたのスタブがファームウェアにも含まれる事は電話製造メーカにとって望ましいかもしれません。この理由からMakeSISはスタブSISファイルを生成することができます。詳細についてはSDKドキュメントを参照して下さい。Symbian OS v9では、アプリケーションがメモリーカードに入れられて出荷される場合は更に重要で、カードが電話に挿入されている時にアプリケーションを正しく実行させるためにスタブはカード上の正しい位置にあるべきです。また、それに正常に動作する為に、あなたのアプリケーションに正しいケイパビリティを与える為にSymbian OS v9ではスタブは正しい署名情報を含まなければなりません。
&color(gray){Stub .SIS files are the files left behind once your application is installed. If your application is being included in a device firmware build, it may be desirable for the Phone Manufacturer to include your stub in the firmware too (to allow for potential future upgrades of your product in RAM). For this reason, MakeSIS can generate a stub .SIS file for you . see your SDK documentation for more details. In Symbian OS v9, this becomes even more important for applications which are being shipped on memory cards too, as the stub must be in place on the card for the application to run correctly when the card is inserted in to a phone. In Symbian OS v9, the stub must also contain the correct signature information to grant your application the right capabilities, in order for it to work.};

もしあなたの製品がデバイスかメモリカードに含まれるのであれば、一番良い案は、通常のSISファイルとスタブSISファイルをMakeSIS(SDKドキュメントを参照)を使って出力して、そしてその両方(例えばMyApp.sis と MyApp_Stub.sis)をテストハウスに提出することです。
&color(gray){If your product is to be included in a device or on a memory card, the Recommended Best Practice here is to generate both your 'normal' .SIS file and stub .SIS file using MakeSIS (see the SDK documentation for details) and include both of these (e.g. MyApp.sis and MyApp_Stub.sis) in your submission to the Test House. If your application passes the tests and both types of .SIS are present, both will be correctly signed and returned to you . the application for distribution (if desired) and the stub for inclusion in firmware or to be pre-loaded on memory cards if needed.};

*5:Symbian Signed Test Cases(Symbian Signedテストケース) [#h4de7c3d]
**5.1:Universal Tests(一般テスト) [#d8cbe7ba]

**5.2:Capability Related Tests(ケイパビリティ関連のテスト) [#p29d44c8]

*5:Generic Test Cases(Includes 'Basic Set' Capabilities for Symbian OS v9 onwards)(汎用テストケース(Symbian OS v9以降の「基本セット」ケイパビリティを含む)) [#u9385004]
[[Test Criteria/5/Generic Test Cases]]

*Disclaimer(注意) [#h1b106b8]
&color(gray){The information contained in this document is for general information purposes only and should not be used or relied on for any other purpose whatsoever. While Symbian has taken great care in the preparation of this document, Symbian makes no warranty or guarantee about the suitability or accuracy of the information contained in this document.};

*6:Extended Set Capabilities(Relevant to Symbian OS v9 or later only)(拡張セットケイパビリティ(Symbian OS v9以降のみ)) [#z3214f12]
Symbian OS v9以降からはその使用に保護される機能の為に多用なケイパビリティがあります。「拡張セット」はネットワーク設定を書き換えるようなシステム機能への低レベルアクセスを提供するAPIを保護します。拡張セットへのアクセスはまた、基本セットケイパビリティへの完全なアクセスを承認します。拡張セットケイパビリティを必要とするアプリケーションはそのようなアクセスを受けるために個別に評価されなければなりません。
&color(gray){There are a variety of capabilities that are used to protect functionality within Symbian OS from v9 onwards. The "Extended Set" protects the APIs that provide lower-level access to system functions, such as changing the network configuration. Access to the Extended Set also grants full access to the Basic Set capabilities. Applications requiring access to Extended Set capabilities have to be individually reviewed in order to receive such access.};

アプリケーションで必要とされるケイパビリティはアプリケーション開発者によって特定のMMPファイルの中でファイルの中で宣言されるでしょう。Symbian Signedに提出するとき、実際に使用されるケイパビリティはサーバー上で実行するツールと提出された全てのバイナリをスキャンすることによって決定されます。宣言されたケイパビリティはテストハウスによって優先してテストし、実証されるでしょう。以下のケイパビリティは拡張セットの一部として分類されますが、SDKドキュメントに各ケイパビリティの詳細な情報を見つけることができます。
&color(gray){The capabilities required by the application will be declared by the application developer in the appropriate MMP toolchain files. At the time of submission to Symbian Signed, the capabilities that are actually used are determined by a tool which runs on the server and scans all of the binaries submitted. Declared capabilities will be verified by the Test House prior to testing. The following capabilities are classified as part of the Extended Set, but you can find more detailed information about each capability in your SDK documentation.};

&color(gray){Note: The application will be tested against the capabilities you have declared in your MMP file and will be verified by the Test Houses.};

|Test ID(テストID)|Title(タイトル)|Description(概要)|Conditions(条件)|Test Type(テストタイプ)|
|EXT-01|ProtServ|Grants the right to a server to register with a protected name. Protected names start with a "!" . as a developer, you should aim to ensure uniqueness by including your SID in this name, e.g. "!MyServer0x12345678"(正しくサーバーに保護された名前でレジストする事を承認します。保護された名前は「!」で始まります。開発者としてあなたは、例えば「!MyServer0x12345678」のように名前にあなたのSIDを含めて確実にユニークになることを目指すべきです。)|Declarative(Symbian Signed)|Analysis|
|EXT-02|ReadDeviceData|Grants read access to system data(システムデータへの読み取りアクセスを承認します)|Declarative(Symbian Signed)|Analysis|
|EXT-03|WriteDeviceData|Grants write access to system data(システムデータへの書き込みアクセスを承認します)|Declarative(Symbian Signed)|Analysis|
|EXT-04|SwEvent|Grants the right to generate and capture software key and pen events(正しくソフトキーやペンイベントを発生させたり取得することを承認します)|Declarative(Symbian Signed)|Analysis|
|EXT-05|TrustedUI|Differentiates the application in the system such that applications with this capability will not allow other applications to steal focus or "fake" their input screens(このケイパビリティは他のアプリケーションにフォーカスの横取りや見せ掛けの入力を許容させないようにシステムアプリケーションと区別します)|Declarative(Symbian Signed)|Analysis|
|EXT-06|SurroundingDD|Grants direct access to device drivers for capturing surrounding user input (e.g. video, microphone)(周辺機器(例えばビデオ、マイクロホン)への入力を取得するためのデバイスドライバへの直接アクセスを承認します)|Declarative(Symbian Signed)|Analysis|
|EXT-07|PowerMgmt|Grants the right to kill any process in the system, to power off unused peripherals, to switch the machine into standby state, wake it up again or power it down completely(正しくいくつかのシステムのプロセスを殺したり、未使用の周辺機器の電源を切ったり、マシンをスタンバイ状態にしたり、それを再起動または電源を切ったりすることを承認します)|Declarative(Symbian Signed)|Analysis|
|EXT-08|NetworkControl|Grants the right to modify or access network protocol controls(ネットワーク・プロトコルコントロールを正しく変更またはアクセスする事を承認します)|Phone Manufacturer Approval|-|
|EXT-09|MultimediaDD|Controls direct access to all multimedia device drivers(全てのマルチメディアデバイスドライバへの直接アクセスの操作)|Phone Manufacturer Approval|-|
|EXT-10|AllFiles|Makes all files visible to application, grant additional write access to files under \private\(全てのファイルの利用、さらにprivateフォルダ下への書き込みアクセスを承認する)|Phone Manufacturer Approval|-|
|EXT-11|CommDD|Controls access to all communication device drivers (EComm, Ethercard, USB device drivers, etc)(全てのコミュニケーションデバイスへのコントロールアクセス(EComm、イーサカード、USBデバイスドライバなど))|Phone Manufacturer Approval|-|
|EXT-12|DiskAdmin|Grants access to some file system administration operations (e.g., reformat the file system(いくつかのファイルシステム管理操作へのアクセスを承認します。(例えば、ファイルシステムの再フォーマット))|Phone Manufacturer Approval|-|
|EXT-13|TCB|Grants access to write to protected \sys\ and \resource\ folders(保護されたsysフォルダとresourceフォルダへの書き込みアクセスを承認します)|Phone Manufacturer Grant|-|
|EXT-14|DRM (Digital Rights Management)|Grants access to protected content(保護された内容へのアクセスを承認します)|Phone Manufacturer Grant|-|

*7:Extended Capability Granting Criteria(拡張ケイパビリティの評価基準) [#ved71760]
&color(gray){The following process must be followed to obtain access to Extended Set capabilities:};

**7.1:Declarative Rationale and APIs Used(EXT-01 - EXT-07)(宣言の仕組みとAPIの使用) [#w7fe0560]
もしあなたがEXT-01からEXT-07の範囲のケイパビリティを利用するなら、Symbian Signedへ提出するSISファイルには追加テストと情報が必要です。それらのケイパビリティを通して可能となる機能は予期または指定された通りに動作すべきです。
&color(gray){If you utilize any of the capabilities in the EXT-01 to EXT-07 range, additional testing and information is required when you submit your .SIS file to Symbian Signed. The functionality enabled through these capabilities should work as expected/specified.};

+http://www.symbiansigned.comへの提出プロセスの間、あなたはそれぞれの拡張ケイパビリティの個々の使用原理の提供を必要とするでしょう。&color(gray){During the submit process at www.symbiansigned.com you will be required to provide individual rationale for using each Extended Set capability};
+またあなたは、APIに必要とするケイパビリティを分析した宣言の提供を必要とするでしょう。&color(gray){You will also be required to provide a declaration of the breakdown of which APIs are used requiring the capability};

&color(gray){The above declarations will be archived against each submitted application.};

Applicable Capabilities(対象ケイパビリティ):

**7.2:Phone Manufacturer Approval(EXT-08 - EXT-12)(電話製造メーカーの認可) [#ec144214]
もしあなたがEXT-08からEXT-12の範囲のケイパビリティを利用するなら、Symbian Signedへ提出するSISファイルには追加テストと情報が必要です。また、あなたはSymbian Signedからこれらのケイパビリティの承認を得る為に製造電話メーカーから支持と承認を得る必要があるでしょう。それらのケイパビリティを通して可能となる機能は予期または指定された通りに動作すべきです。
&color(gray){If you utilize any of the capabilities in the EXT-08 to EXT-12 range, additional testing and information is required when you submit your .SIS file to Symbian Signed. You will also need to obtain approval and support from a Phone Manufacturer to be granted these capabilities by Symbian Signed. The functionality enabled through these capabilities should work as expected/specified and;};

+http://www.symbiansigned.comへの提出プロセスの間、あなたはそれぞれの拡張ケイパビリティの個々の使用原理の提供しなければならないでしょう。&color(gray){during the submission process at www.symbiansigned.com you will be required to provide a detailed rationale for use of each Extended Set capability you are requesting};
+またあなたは、APIに必要とする各拡張セットケイパビリティを分析した宣言の提供しなければならないでしょう。&color(gray){you will also be required to provide a declaration of the breakdown of which API(s) are used requiring each Extended Set capability you are requesting};

&color(gray){The above declarations will be archived against each submitted application for future reference. The Test House will then liaise with the appropriate Phone Manufacturer to review the submission and seek approval for the grant. You may also contact the Phone Manufacturer before submission and include evidence of their approval (e.g. a waiver) if you have such contacts already.};

詳細はSymbian Signedのウェブサイトで入手できます。
&color(gray){Further details are available on the Symbian Signed website.};

Applicable Capabilities(対象ケイパビリティ):

**7.3:Phone Manufacturer Grant(EXT-13,EXT-14)(電話製造メーカーの承諾) [#h524ffc9]
もしEXT-013からEXT-014の範囲のケイパビリティのどれかを利用するなら、あなたのSISファイルは&color(red){直接、電話製造メーカーによる物理的なSymbian Signedによって};有効にしてもらう必要があります。これは、これらのケイパビリティの非常にデリケートな本質のためです。もしあなたがこれらのケイパビリティを必要とするならあなたは直接関連のデバイス製造メーカーに連絡しなければなりません、そして追加の商業協定とと品質保証が必要でしょう。あなたは電話製造メーカーに関する情報(例えばソニーエリクソンとノキア)とその過程の詳細についてSymbian Signedのウェブサイトから見つけることができます。
&color(gray){If you utilize any of the capabilities in the EXT-013 to EXT-14 range, your .SIS file is required to be validated and};&color(red){physically Symbian Signed by a Phone Manufacturer directly};&color(gray){. This is due to the extremely sensitive nature of these capabilities. If you require these capabilities you must contact the relevant device manufacturer directly, and additional commercial agreements and quality assurances will be required. You can find more details on the Symbian Signed website for Phone Manufacturer-specific information (for example from Sony Ericsson and Nokia) and processes.};

Applicable Capabilities(対象ケイパビリティ):

*8:Waivers(権利の放棄) [#ya4eda22]
&color(gray){Some types of application may require functionality that falls significantly outside the scope of these tests. In these circumstances, a waiver may be granted against test failures on a case-by-case basis. Waivers will only apply to failure modes where it can be clearly demonstrated that an application does not significantly impact the network and has authorized support from the relevant Phone Manufacturer and/or Mobile Network Operator.};

&color(gray){Important note: Waivers are seen as one-off exceptions to a particular test case. Your application can be signed with an appropriate waiver once. At future testing and signing instances, your application (even updates) is either expected to pass the test case as usual, or you will have to re-apply for the waiver.};

**8.1:Raising a Waiver Request [#mf86f882]
&color(gray){If the ISV is aware that the application fails to meet the requirements of the test criteria, even before the application is submitted to the Test House, then the ISV maybe able to submit a waiver request earlier in this case.};

&color(gray){However, if an application has already been tested by the Test House, a detailed test report will have been produced. In the case of a failure, the ISV will be able to find out the exact reasons why their application failed from this report.};

&color(gray){To be Symbian Signed, the default position is that the ISV will have to rectify all the failure modes detected with the application and (re)submit the application to the Test House for testing.};

&color(gray){However, an ISV might consider raising a waiver request if they believe that:};
+&color(gray){The failure reasons do not significantly impact the network, device or the user experience of the application};
+&color(gray){Any delay in the application's commercial launch as a Symbian Signed application will cause severe commercial disadvantage to the ISV};
+&color(gray){The failure reasons will be eliminated in the next release of the application which will be available in no more than 3 months (from the date of the waiver submission)};

&color(gray){For a waiver an ISV must provide supporting evidence to facilitate the decision making process:};
+&color(gray){Detailed test results that indicate appropriate quality has been passed};
+&color(gray){Impact and risk assessment of application to device, end user and network};
+&color(gray){Support process to correct potential field issues once application is released};
+&color(gray){Network Operator and/or Phone Manufacturer endorsement of application functionality (if applicable)};

&color(gray){All this can be found within the waiver request form.};

**8.2:Process for Obtaining a Waiver [#tbfb3c3f]
***8.2.1:Waiver request after an application has been rejected [#o9f17caa]
&color(gray){Where an application has been rejected by a Symbian Signed Test House, the developer may seek the required support from the Test House or relevant Phone Manufacturer and/or Mobile Network Operator (if applicable).};

+&color(gray){The developer should complete the waiver request form, the latest Microsoft Word version of which can be found at www.symbiansigned.com.};
+&color(gray){The developer submits the form (via www.symbiansigned.com) with supporting evidence, along with confirmation by the Phone Manufacturer and/or Mobile Network Operator (if applicable).};
+&color(gray){If the waiver is granted, the developer and Test House will be notified to this effect.};

***8.2.2:Request before an application is submitted [#n71c1db3]
&color(gray){The developer may also submit a waiver request before an application is submitted to a Symbian Signed Test House. In some instances this maybe the more beneficial route.};

+&color(gray){The developer should complete the waiver request form, the latest Microsoft Word version of which can be found at www.symbiansigned.com.};
+&color(gray){The developer submits the form directly to the Test House via email.};
+&color(gray){If the waiver is granted, the developer and Test House will be notified to this effect.};
+&color(gray){The granted waiver form should be attached, along with the application during the submission process.};

&color(gray){Important note:};
-&color(gray){Symbian Signed does not make decisions on granting or rejecting a waiver. Symbian purely acts as a facilitator in the process};
-&color(gray){Applications that have been granted a waiver are still entitled to be listed in the Symbian Signed catalogue};
-&color(gray){A decision on whether an application is granted a waiver is final, and the developer is not entitled to an appeal once a decision has been made};
-&color(gray){In some circumstances a waiver may only be granted if more thorough independent testing is undertaken};

*Appendix A:Symbian Signed Exceptions(Symbian Signedの例外) [#l9e2e4dc]
[[Test Criteria/Appendix A/Symbian Signed Exceptions]]

*Appendix B:Glossary(用語集) [#q92d011c]

*Appendix C:Test case information(テストケース情報) [#qdb1001c]

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