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*原文 [#y1a6c9fe]

*目次 [#g6249fe0]

*1:Introduction(導入) [#xfb2ebe3]
&color(gray){This document defines the test cases that an application must comply with to be};
-Express Signed
-Certified Signed

&color(gray){This document should be used as best practice guidance for all developers and can be used as the final check list for tests to be passed for developers seeking to have their applications signed. It is recommended these test cases be included as part of any testing and/or quality assurance you do on an application irrespective of you’re the signing path prior release};

&color(gray){The tests outlined in this document have evolved since the launch of Symbian Signed in 2004, they aim to provide an agreed baseline for application stability for the following stakeholders};:
:Developers|&color(gray){desire a uniform and consistent approach to testing and certification, and wish to test once and deploy an application globally.};
:Mobile Network Operators|&color(gray){who are concerned that applications do not harm the operation of the network(s) to which they may connect};
:Phone Manufacturers|&color(gray){who must ensure their device continues to operate normally, specifically as a fully specification compliant phone, messaging and alerting platform; before, during and after an application is installed or removed};
:End Users|&color(gray){who desire a positive, trust-worthy experience, especially with regard to notification of expected usage, provision for user data privacy and protection against data loss.};

&color(gray){The Symbian Signed Test Criteria is designed to be effective yet light weight; hence it is not intended to cover the following areas:};
-&color(gray){Universal device coverage; i.e. applications are tested on representative devices, not all possible device choices.};
-&color(gray){Content quality; e.g. style, taste, color or content appropriateness.};
-&color(gray){User interface standards conformance and style guides.};
-&color(gray){Business and/or commercial issues};

*2:Useful Links and Tools(役に立つリンクとツール) [#u75d18fe]
**2.1:Recommended Reading(お勧めの読み物) [#ra4b1951]
-Web: [[Symbian Signed Web Site>http://www.symbiansigned.com]]
-Web: [[Symbian Signed Wiki>http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/display/sign/Symbian+Signed]]
-Forums: [[Symbian Signed Support Forum>http://developer.symbian.com/forum/forum.jspa?forumID=2]]
-Free Guide: [[Complete Guide to Symbian Signed>http://developer.symbian.com/main/learning/press/books/pdf/large_symbian_signed.pdf]]
-Book: Symbian OS Platform Security: [[Software Development Using the Symbian OS Security Architecture, by Craig Heath>http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/display/academy/Symbian+OS+Platform+Security]]
-Book: The Symbian OS Architecture Sourcebook: [[Design and Evolution of a Mobile Phone OS, by Ben Morris>http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/display/academy/The+Symbian+OS+Architecture+Sourcebook]]

**2.2:Useful Tools(役に立つツール) [#mf11381b]
-&color(gray){It is recommended that developers use or create utilities listed below,};
|''Useful Utilities''||
|''<Disk Usage Tool>''|&color(gray){List files, total disk usage and allows a before/after comparison (e.g. via a DIFF on file lists)};|
|''<Task Profiler Tool>''|&color(gray){Any kind of application profiler/task list (required only for UIQ)};|
|''<LowMem Tool>''|&color(gray){LowMem Tool for memory load/stress testing Not currently available for Symbian OS v9.x. - any tests for applications on Symbian OS v9.x requiring this tool are not required};|
|''<VerifySymbianSigned Tool>''|&color(gray){Verifies that a SIS file is signed correctly with your Publisher ID.};|

&color(gray){Download links for some existing tools can be found at [[here>http://developer.symbian.com/wiki/display/sign/Tools+For+Symbian+Signed]]};

&color(gray){In addition, the following additional hardware and software is required for to carry out all of the tests effectively};:
|''Required additional Hardware/Software''|
|&color(gray){A text editor on your development machine (e.g. Desktop PC).};|
|&color(gray){Secondary phone with an ability to call and SMS/MMS the phone under test};|
|&color(gray){Any external media which may be required by the application};|
|&color(gray){Media for mass memory devices};|
|&color(gray){PC connectivity suite and appropriate connection hardware, or any other mechanism to install the applicatio};|

*3:What Tests do I Need to Run?(テストの為に何が必要か?) [#h12d1aa1]
&color(gray){For the purposes of Symbian Signed Test Criteria, test cases are grouped into functionally distinct categories};:-
:Universal Tests (UNI-nn)|&color(gray){focusing on install, uninstall, reliability, robustness and normal operational behavior in accordance with mobile phone end user expectations.};
:Capability Related Tests (CAP-nn)|&color(gray){are additional tests that need to be passed by applications using certain specific capabilities only. The applicability of these tests is provided in each test case and is also summarized in Table 1.};

**3.1:Applications for pre Symbian OS v9.x(Symbian OS v9.0より前のアプリケーション) (S60 2nd Edition, UIQ 2.x) [#hb27dc10]
&color(gray){There is no technical requirement to sign applications for releases prior to Symbian OS v9.x (i.e. Symbian OS v6.x, v7.x, v8.x). However, signing via Express Signed or Certified Signed will remove the installer warning screen screen that is presented to the end user at installation.};

**3.2:Applications for Symbian OS v9.x and later(Symbian OS v9.0とそれ以降のアプリケーション) (S60 3rd Edition, UIQ 3.x) [#b56ada95]
&color(gray){From Symbian OS v9.x onwards a Platform Security model was introduced to the operating system. Some OS functionality is protected by Capabilities.};
-&color(gray){Successful signing of applications via Express Signed will grant the Capabilities as requested by the application other than DiskAdmin, CommDD, MultimediaDD, NetworkControl, AllFiles, DRM, TCB.};
-&color(gray){Successful signing of applications via Certified Signed will grant the Capabilities as requested by the application other than AllFiles, DRM, TCB.};
-&color(gray){Signing of applications via Express Signed and Certified Signed will remove the installer warning screen at install time.};

**3.3:Further Testing requirements for System Capabilities(システムケイパビリティの為に必要なテスト要件); AllFiles, DRM, TCB [#b56d1906]
&color(gray){If your application uses the most sensitive Capabilities; AllFiles, DRM, TCB you will be required to successfully comply with Symbian Signed Test Criteria.};

Additional testing and authorization for these Capabilities is defined by each device manufacturer and is outside the scope of the Symbian Signed Test Criteria. For more information
-Sony Ericsson:[[here>http://developer.sonyericsson.com/site/global/gotomarket/certification/symbiancer/p_symbian.jsp]]
-LG: Contact directly.
-Motorola: Contact directly.
-Samsung: Contact directly.

**3.4:Exceptions(例外) [#y9f456c5]
&color(gray){Some types of application may require functionality that falls outside the scope of the tests. In these circumstances, valid exceptions are listed at the end of each test case.};

(表1:Table 1:Required Tests for Express Signed and Certified Signed)

*4:Submission Criteria(提出評価基準) [#ic4a21c2]
&color(gray){The following self checklist is provided for developers and should be carried out prior to submission. Please ensure that your application meets the Submission Criteria. Non compliance will be treated as follows};:-
:WARNING|&color(gray){Signing of the application is permitted, assuming all relevant test cases pass, although the developer is warned that this may cause further issues.};
:FAIL|&color(gray){The application will either fail during submission to www.symbiansigned.com or in some circumstances if a signed application is found to not comply at any stage after signing, the signature will be revoked.};


*5:Symbian Signed Test Cases(Symbian Signedテストケース) [#h4de7c3d]
**5.1:Universal Tests(一般テスト) [#d8cbe7ba]

**5.2:Capability Related Tests(ケイパビリティ関連のテスト) [#p29d44c8]

*Disclaimer(注意) [#h1b106b8]
&color(gray){The information contained in this document is for general information purposes only and should not be used or relied on for any other purpose whatsoever. While Symbian has taken great care in the preparation of this document, Symbian makes no warranty or guarantee about the suitability or accuracy of the information contained in this document.};

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