"Bill Gates' suggestion   Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates' new book" how to avoid climate disaster, the solutions we already have and the breakthroughs we still need "is a book that calls for safeguarding human life and the future on earth, Today, it is seriously threatened by climate change.   it believes that facing this phenomenon may be the biggest challenge for human survival.   although its analysis is the product of 15 years of researchResearch on energy and climate change has confirmed the results of many similar scientific studies. Gates has surpassed catastrophic predictions and proved that human beings have the ability to reverse the crisis. With large economic contributions to vaccine research, it makes it clear that the next pandemic to be tackled is climate change. He predicted that by 2050By the end of this century, Phoenicia, born of man, will be five times as deadly as CVD 19, About 73 people die prematurely every 100000 people a year.   the essence of his plan to save the earth and ensure the future of mankind can be summed up in one sentence: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, currently estimated at 51 billion tons a year.   he said, It can't mean a huge sacrifice to society, and it can't beAbandoning existing amenities will not hinder the global economy, let alone end capitalism or condemn the backwardness of the poorest countries. You have to make sure you get solutions inspired by science © Help poor countries.   getting out of the crisis means thinking more about how to produce clean energy (solar energy, wind energy, hydropower) at low cost to make it attractive and competitiveIn several chapters of the book, he discusses key technologies for reducing emissions in the most polluted sectors. Plastic, cement and steel production topped the list, accounting for 31% of emissions; energy production  © Electrical, 27%; Animal husbandry 19%; Transportation, 16%, refrigeration and heating process, 7% © The goal of near zero emissions is not a problem for human intelligence. By insertingI wrote down the theme of the pandemic. Just over a year ago, the world was not ready for a new coronavirus. Today, thanks to hard teamwork, science has created five safe and effective vaccines to fight it, He said.   Gates's contribution to reversing climate change is not just to spread his knowledge by raising social awareness, from his chairmanship of the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to breakthrough energy investment fundThis billionaire has funded promising clean energy projects for great thinkers, technicians and cutting-edge enterprises, and achieved encouraging results.   gates usually attracts the attention of the scientific community by making correct predictions. In 2015, he told a conference that an unknown virus is likely to become an epidemic, killing about 10 million people. No one noticed. © I do it myself nowIf this theme is not highlighted, it may reduce the economic and social impact © The loss of life.   this time, he predicted that we still have time to fight back the devastating effects of climate change and survive as a species. He was convinced that he had the means to do that and called for a universal action in which any state, enterprise, institution or individual had a role to play. Can you hear the Comptroller's reply and comments?A consortium of a company carries out the design and proposal of the hydrogenuango account, although it is a power of the tax control act to provide any further penalty if it is determined to be illegal, You have.   hyduango's response and comments to the Comptroller General, which is part of a consortium of hyduango design and consulting, although it is a branchTad under the tax control act provides for the payment of any subsequent penalties if it is determined to be an offence © It has a serious and potentially devastating impact on companies subject to the interim measures, exposing them to the risk of material and financial inability to perform existing contracts. This is an issue that has become the subject of the measures, as well as that of other consortia, which are trying to ensure thatHydra © In the coming year, ctrica is starting to generate energy and resources ©  Jamie, national police patrol, died on Wednesday © Four nights later © Tibu was shot by a killer north of Santander. Yesterday, patrolmen Anna Beatrice Lopez and Juan David Villa Gonzalez were killed in mansalva's murder in Caquet, Puerto Rico.   what is missing for the police is the "pistol plan"jose  ©  Jamie, national police patrol, died on Wednesday © Four nights later © Tibu was shot by a killer north of Santander. Yesterday, in Caquet, Puerto Rico, patrollers Anna Beatrice Lopez and Juan David Villa Gonzalez were killed by mansalva while patrolling the streets at noon. They all completed their tasks under very difficult conditions of public order. The pain of their family is their painAll of us Colombians will not compromise with crime or criminals

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