Compressed music skip the navigation menu and go to content economics and comparative analysis of consumer research Compressed music is a revolutionary standard format for digital music Author: jordifecha de publication: Monday, January 31, 2005 mp3 audio compression format is associated with pirated programs (Napster type) that allow the exchange of songs between PCs.But soon, its huge practicality not only makes music accessible on the Internet, but also stores a large number of songs in computers, CDs or players, making it the most commonly used digital music format, It has even become the de facto standard. in addition to MP3, there are many formats of digital audio, such as Ogg Vorbis, Apple's AAC or Microsoft's wma, but there are also some © N many tools allow you to convert some formats toOther. what © The origin of mp3 can be traced back to 1987, when the Fraunhofer Institute began to study how to optimize the digital format of audio transmission, and developed a codec (audio compression / decompression program) that can compress sound without any page. © The quality is poor. Later, in 1992, this technology was adopted by the film experts group (MPEG), and "MPEG Audio Layer 3" MP3 was born. mp3 successfully reduced the size of D file.Audio and music of the day © The top part (or even more). For me © Because the data loss is not easy to identify, MP3 compression algorithm only removes the frequencies beyond the perceptible range of the hand, which is between 20Hz and 20kHz (the sensitivity is higher between 2 and 4kHz). Of course, a good ear for high fidelity devices can better extract the differences between the format and the original format, especially the longer it takes to buy.Yes. the most commonly used compression in MP3 ranges from 96 Kbps to 320 kbps. A compressed song with a quality close to CD (128 kbps) takes about 1 Megabyte per minute, 12 times that of wav format. Therefore, on a CD that can hold 15 songs, any traditional player can read about 200 MP3 songs. Therefore, with the reduction of compression, the quality of music will also improve © No,File size. mp3 music MP3 recorded songs can be played on a computer using any of the many programs (players) on the market (Windows media player, Winamp, iTunes, RealPlayer and MusicMatch jukebox are the most popular). Yes © There are CD players reading MP3 (many portable or car players and almost all DVD players) and a new generation of pocket players (with flash or hard disk)Store files and listen to music. how to play music in MP3? Without a file sharing (P2P) program, in the fight for legitimacy, there are many websites that can obtain digital music and download loose songs from online stores to artists' web pages. These websites either hang up music samples or directly publish many themes. Any Google search engine can find music on MP3, even though they do existMany professional search engines. but in addition to using the Internet, songs can be easily transferred from CD to MP3 © From a program extractor (Ripper), copy CD to hard disk, and compressor (encoder), convert files to MP3. At present, almost all programs can do this (Ripper encoder), and even many MP3 players, such as Windows media player, can provide this © Copy the CD to your computer and convert the songs to any formatYeah. On the contrary, these programs can be used to decompress MP3 songs and create user's favorite discs through CD recorders, so that they can be played on traditional readers. when searching for MP3, pay attention to that MP3 may end up on the wrong website if it is placed in the box of any search engine. There are two reasons. First, as an MP3 player © On the Internet, many pages try to upload to the most popular search resultsAres put MP3 in the words tracked by the search robot. Second, the connection between MP3 and free music often leads you to find free downloads on the web combined with pornography and cracking to undermine the protection of commercial programs. If not because they are sometimes the source of adware and spyware, these programs are installed on computersUsers use ads or report their hosts when browsing. for more information about images and sounds and more information about the area. Security and communication applications for the elderly and dependants are you addicted to video games, mobile devices or social media? New technology for the elderly tell me © You want to be a smart TV, I'll tell you © When you choose the comment publishing rule, the comments of EROSKI consumers are moderateHave a constructive conversation between users so they don't appear immediately. here we explain © We continue to post comments. printed version at EROSKI consumer, we attach great importance to your data privacy and legal statement. Irowski Foundation

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